Negri Bossi UK Limited
Negri Bossi,founded in the U.K. in 1955, is one of the worlds foremost suppliers of injection moulding machines and is renowned for outstanding service and spares support. The key to our success is a first class product backed by experienced and friendly staff.


negri bossi uk limited

Located in a modern building in Warwick, at the centre of the UK motorway network, we have developed first class showroom and training facilities. A selection of machines is always available for demonstration in a friendly and welcoming environment. The Negri Bossi Amico Remote Teleservice System is also on permanent demonstration.

Our Mission

missionOur mission at Negri Bossi is to establish ourselves as the leading supplier of injection moulding machines in the UK and an ultra-reliable partner capable of satisfying all our customers' needs.
Negri Bossi is committed to the provision of a high level of service in all parts of the company's operation. We operate by the principles of customer service, quality and reliability. Above all, we are dedicated to providing all our customers with an efficient and cost-effective service.
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